What We Do: Powerful Market Expansion Strategy

We produce global market research. This means that we do culturally-influenced market reports, interviews and focus groups, ethnographic consumer studies, online surveys and panels as well as participant recruitment to prove your market expansion strategy.

We set up introductions to partners and customers, acting as lead generation for your business. In addition we provide interpretation services, business culture training, accompaniment and immersion tours.

Truly localising – not just translating – your message will make your business more successful in market entry. When translating, we provide consultancy and research to ensure the message suits your audience.

Global Market Expansion Strategy

After 8 years specialising in market entry and market expansion strategy with Japan, Tokyoesque founder Natalie Meyer then set about launching our mission globally 2020.

Therefore, esque | global aims to promote globalisation nurtured by an investigation and appreciation of cultural differences. Let’s get to know each other, be curious about different societies and explore the world together as we grow – in our communities, personally and also in business.

Globally aware & curious market expansion.

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