Globally aware & curious market expansion

Research, localisation and market entry support for your market expansion journey.

A Tokyoesque business.

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What We Do

Bespoke Qualitative & Quantitative Research

We produce culturally-influenced market reports, interviews and focus groups, ethnographic consumer studies, online surveys and panels as well as participant recruitment.

Partnerships & Practical Market Support

We also set up introductions to partners and customers, in addition to providing interpretation services, business culture training, accompaniment and immersion tours.

Translation & Localisation To Your Target Language

Truly localising – not just translating – your message is our speciality, including consultancy and research to ensure the message suits your audience.

Dear Global Citizen

What is the best way to experience today’s global ecosystem? We’ve gathered global citizens together to generate a dialogue on the positives of globalisation.

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Dear Global Citizen

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